Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul full fight in Live Netflix Boxing Event

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On July 20th, watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul live from AT&T Stadium in Texas, exclusively on Netflix.

Get ready for an epic showdown! Jake Paul is going head-to-head with former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in a boxing match live on Netflix.

Mark your calendars for July 20th, when they’ll duke it out at the AT&T Stadium in Texas. And here’s the best part – if you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you’re all set to catch the action.

Tyson and Paul are gearing up to face off inside AT&T Stadium, an 80,000-seat venue located in Arlington, Texas, and home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. This announcement came via a news release from the company.

This event marks one of Netflix’s boldest moves into sports programming and live entertainment, solidifying its position as the go-to destination for at-home viewing in the United States. By making such moves, Netflix aims to dominate over traditional players in broadcast and cable.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul in Live Netflix Boxing Event

Recently, Netflix secured a 10-year deal for the exclusive rights to stream World Wrestling Entertainment’s weekly flagship show, “Raw,” starting in January 2025. The deal, which made headlines, was reportedly valued at over $5 billion, according to a company filing cited by CNBC.

“I’m eagerly anticipating stepping into the ring with Jake Paul at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas,” Tyson stated in a statement released alongside the Netflix announcement, emphasizing the venue in capitalized letters.

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Before their upcoming match, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson have already shared the boxing ring. In 2020, Paul fought in the co-main event of a pay-per-view where Tyson made his boxing comeback against Roy Jones Jr. It was Tyson’s first match since 2006. Paul’s opponent was former NBA player Nate Robinson, whom he knocked out in the second round. This marked Paul’s second professional boxing match.

Since his debut in January 2020, Paul has built an impressive record of 9 wins, and 1 loss, with 6 knockouts. His most recent victory was against Ryan Bourland via TKO on March 2nd.

On the other hand, Tyson boasts a professional record of 50 wins, and 6 losses, with an astonishing 44 knockouts to his name.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

“It’s unbelievable to think that in just my second pro fight, I became a viral sensation by knocking out Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s undercard,” Paul remarked. “And now, less than four years later, I’m gearing up to go toe-to-toe with Tyson himself, testing my skills against one of boxing’s most infamous fighters and biggest icons.”

“In just two and a half years since founding MVP, we’re set to host the biggest fight in history – in the largest NFL stadium in the US, streamed live on the biggest platform in the world. It’s a testament to all we’ve achieved in such a short time.”

“Whether you’re watching on Netflix or cheering from the stands, whether you’re rooting for Team Paul or Team Tyson, or even if you’re new to the boxing scene, this is an event you won’t want to miss. I’m thrilled to bring this incredible fight to all Netflix subscribers alongside the legendary Mike Tyson on Saturday, July 20th.”

“I’m aiming to become a world champion, and now I have the opportunity to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion ever – the toughest, baddest man on the planet, and the most formidable boxer of all time. This is the fight of a lifetime.”

“I’m eagerly anticipating stepping into the ring with Jake Paul at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas,” Tyson stated. “He’s shown considerable growth as a boxer over the years, so it’ll be interesting to witness the determination and skill of a ‘kid’ combined with the experience and talent of a GOAT. It’s a complete circle moment that promises to be incredibly thrilling to watch.”

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

“I played a part in kickstarting his boxing journey on the undercard of my fight with Roy Jones, and now I aim to conclude it,” Tyson added.

Most Valuable Promotions and Jake Paul were represented legally by Michael B. Abramson from Solomon Ward. Andrew Ruf from Paradigm served as legal representation for Tyson.

This event signifies Netflix’s continued expansion into live sports. They recently aired “The Netflix Slam,” featuring a tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz, followed by the golf event “The Netflix Cup.” Additionally, Netflix is gearing up to host WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” weekly starting in 2025.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Fight Date

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s fight will be On July 20th, watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul live from AT&T Stadium in Texas, exclusively on Netflix.

How can I watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul’s full fight?

you can watch this epic fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s full fight on a Netflix subscription.

Is Mike Tyson and Jake Paul going to fight?

Yes, Mike Tyson, the former world heavyweight champion known for his illustrious career in and out of the ring, is stepping back into action. He is all set to take on boxer-turned-social media influencer Jake Paul in a highly anticipated match on July 20. And guess what? You can watch all the action live on Netflix! The company announced this thrilling event on Thursday.

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