Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Divorce Rumors: Just Lies

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Divorce Rumors: Break the silence

Gwen Stefani addressed rumors about her marriage to Blake Shelton. In an interview with Nylon published on April 9, the 54-year-old singer candidly talked about her relationship with her husband, whom she married in 2021. Stefani acknowledged the various rumors they’ve faced, including speculation about their divorce, and emphasized that they’ve been in the spotlight throughout their careers.

Gwen  Stefani and Blake Shelton don’t let the rumors bother them. They recently collaborated on a song called “Purple Irises” together, showing that their personal and professional bond remains strong.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Divorce Rumors

“When you’re in love and share aligned values, nobody can shake us,” Stefani asserted, referring to tabloid rumors. “People can say whatever they want about our relationship – just last week, they had us getting divorced again or something. But it’s all lies. We know the truth, and that’s what matters. So, all that negativity can’t touch us, especially when I’m vulnerable and sharing a song like ‘Purple Irises,’ which I wrote for myself and Blake.”

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During the interview, Stefani also shared her thoughts about the day she wrote “Purple Irises” and the nerves she experienced then, particularly regarding herself and her marriage.

“I had been going through those times where you’re questioning: ‘Oh my gosh, am I just getting older? Am I still cute?’” she said. “Even in my own relationship, though I know the truth of what’s happening today, you still create drama in your own mind about your insecurities and what might happen. I was in that phase of the relationship with Blake and getting paranoid.”

Shelton then admitted that, like his wife, he also gets nervous about their relationship. However, he emphasized that they still manage to communicate effectively during those moments.

“It’s an insecurity we both share,” the singer explained. “These are conversations that she and I have with each other: ‘Will you still love me when I’m old or if I forget who I am?’”

The “Hollaback Girl” singer also shared that when she wrote about thriving flowers for her song, it served as a reminder for her to step back from those insecurities about her marriage.

“The truth is I am in love with my best friend,” Stefani said. “And all these worries in my mind, that’s all they are – I’m just overthinking.”

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Divorce Rumors

Stefani and Shelton first met in 2014 when they were both judges on The Voice. Shortly after meeting, they ended their respective marriages; Stefani split from Gavin Rossdale, and Shelton split from Miranda Lambert. In 2020, Stefani and Shelton got engaged, and the following year, they tied the knot at Shelton’s Ten Point Ranch near Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

They have since formed a blended family, with Shelton taking on the role of stepfather to Stefani’s three children – Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 10 – whom she shares with Rossdale.

During a heartfelt interview with People in September 2023, Stefani delved into the unexpected journey of her romance with Shelton, reflecting on the initial stages of their connection while they were both involved in The Voice. Stefani revealed that at the outset, neither she nor Shelton had anticipated the depth of their bond.

Recalling those early moments, Stefani expressed, “I didn’t see any of this coming with Blake. It was just a big old ‘What?’ It was an amazing gift to experience love like that for the first time.” Her words painted a picture of surprise intertwined with profound gratitude for the unexpected turn her life had taken.

In a poignant revelation, Stefani shared, “He’s changed my life… when I started dating Blake, that’s when I felt at home, like: ‘Oh, this is where I’m supposed to be, with this guy.’” This sentiment encapsulated the profound sense of belonging and completeness she found in Shelton’s presence, marking a pivotal moment of realization and contentment in their journey together.

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