[Solved] PS4 Overheating Issue | Simple Steps


Ahh! One of the biggest problem when we are in mood to play games on Playstation PS4 for hours and hours but what stop overheating issue of PS4.

Today, I am going to talk about 3 main reasons on “Why your PS4 is overheating” and “How to fix PS4 overheating problem”.

Moreover, You will get three extra tips in the End to make sure that your play station is running smooth and cool.

  • The first reason is that your play station 4(PS4) might be overheating is simply because it is using lot of energy.

For example, if you’re doing too many tasks at the same time like, you are playing call of duty/PUBG, with over hundreds of people while you are also on party chart with a group of friends on your Bluetooth controller at the same time you are connected with Wi-Fi and all of this requires a lot of energy & it requires a lot of computer memory in order to operate.

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And once your fan starts running, it requires lot of energy; it can make your Ps4 heat, which is even normal for sometimes.

  • The second reason is that if you are simply stacking too much on. Keeping too much electric stuff or gadget near your system, it is actually, not good for the panel of play station because it creates too much heat and then the heat radiates up to the play station. Hence, it can create unnecessary wearoo & tear and ultimately overheat your system.
  • The third reason on why your play station 4 is overheating, because the backside of PS4 is too close to an object/wall that the fans cannot, through enough heat out of the system.

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Some other Reasons

  • Sometimes you are playing a certain game which was not properly installed, and there is some corrupted data left in the hard drive, that leads to excessive energy use and ultimately makes your system overheat.
  • If you have older unit PS4 with age machine gets, filled up with dust, dirt and grime and makes your PS4 heated up. So, try to keep your system clean internally.

Tips to run your PS4 Nice and cool.

  1. Check the place where your play station is kept, make sure it’s clean and away from the wall/object, this will help your system to throughout excessive heat and will prevent it from overheating.
  2. The second thing what you can do is, buy PS4 vertical stand and place your system in it , this will allow the vents to exhale the warm air out and keep your system quite cooler.
  3. Simply lift it up, if you are not able to keep your play station in a vertical position and you need to have devices or shelves that are right above or below it the best thing you can do, is to just get some rubber stand, so that you can make your own or you can also get them on Amazon.

Raising it up a little bit, so that bottom panel has enough airflow going in and out of it. so if you give your play station enough room, it creates enough airflow around it and on the top and the bottom panel, it will remove the heating issue and unnecessary wear and tear that may lead to disastrous results such as a hard drive failure or even the power supply short-circuit. Things like that you just want to avoid.

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