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The first episode of Pretty Smart was shown on Netflix in October 2021, and ever since then, viewers have been eagerly awaiting information regarding the second season of the show. The comedy focuses on Chelsea (Emily Osment), a recent Harvard graduate and aspiring novelist who is forced to relocate to the home of her sister Claire (Olivia Macklin), who is the polar opposite of Chelsea. The sitcom follows their adventures.

The new, less academic, and more easygoing way of life that Chelsea’s sister and her three housemates have adopted presents a challenge for Chelsea. And there is, of course, a love triangle involving the two sisters, one of the roommates named Grant, and themselves (Gregg Sulkin).

The first season of the show consisted of ten episodes, all of which are currently accessible to stream on Netflix. The names of the episodes stand out due to the fact that they are written in a millennial vernacular. The titles contain expressions such as “check this,” “yikes,” “really though!” and “guys!” to represent the adversary that Chelsea is battling. The future of Pretty Smart, the sitcom with the terrible episode titles, was a topic that came up during our conversation.

Is There Going to Be a Season 2 of Pretty Smart on Netflix?

Canceled is Netflix’s official renewal status.

The lack of information regarding the future of Pretty Smart on Netflix persisted for a long time. The longer there was no word of renewal, the higher the likelihood that it had been canceled. By the 27th of April, 2022, reports from a variety of media outlets indicated that Netflix had decided to pull the plug on the show after a single season.

Pretty Smart Season 2

The show made it into the top ten most-watched on Netflix in the United States. The show spent a total of three days in the top ten, never placing higher than eighth. This suggests that the show wasn’t an immediate rating winner for Netflix, as it lasted in the top 10 for only 11 days (South Africa).

The IMDb MovieMeter, which gauges a show’s popularity on the site, is another source of information we might consider. There is a sharp increase in popularity in the week immediately following the release, followed by a precipitous decrease.

Pretty Smart Season 2

Netflix decided to end production of the sitcom Pretty Smart seven months after it first debuted online. Since it is common knowledge that Netflix does not provide a great deal of exposure to comedic programs, we were not really taken aback by the news. Additionally, if a show is successful, the platform will typically provide news regarding its renewal really quickly. If the show had been successful, then it would have been renewed a few months ago at the very latest.

With regard to the ratings of the show, it was only able to maintain its position in the Top 10 most streamed television shows on Netflix in the United States for a total of three days. And even when it was among the top 10, it never ranked higher than eighth, even at its best. It would appear that the show was not well received in other nations as well.

However, the announcement of the show’s termination arrived at an odd time, precisely about the same time that it was disclosed that Emily Osment would be a series regular on Young Sheldon. On the other hand, there is no evidence to suggest that the two occurrences are connected.

Pretty Smart Rotten Tomatoes

To put it mildly, the opinions expressed by users of the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes regarding the series are not exactly positive. On the basis of just five reviews, the television series was given a rating of forty percent on the website. Only two of the critics came to the conclusion that the series was humorous and lighthearted, while the other three reviewers stated that the show was not really funny at all and that even the laugh track was unable to salvage it.

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According to the fact that the show only garnered a 5.8 rating on IMDb, it appears that the audience’s reaction to the show was also the same. This generally negative reception could be one of the factors that led to the cancellation of Pretty Smart season 2 when it was announced.

Pretty Smart Cast

The following is a list of the cast members of Pretty Smart, along with the characters that they play:

Emily Osment – Chelsea 

Chelsea, played by Osment, is Claire’s sister and an aspiring novelist. Chelsea attended Harvard. She has little choice but to relocate to Claire’s house, where she will be living with three of her other non-intellectual acquaintances. Osment’s most recent roles include that of Mendy in Young Sheldon and Theresa in The Kominsky Method.

Pretty Smart Season 2

Olivia Macklin – Claire

Claire, who works as a waitress, is played by Olivia Macklin, who also plays Chelsea’s bouncy sister. Macklin has been on a number of popular television shows, including “LA to Vegas” and “Filthy Rich.”

Gregg Sulkin Grant

Grant, who is also Claire’s ex-boyfriend, is played by Sulkin in the show. Grant is one of Claire’s roommates. He is employed in the field of personal training. Despite the fact that he, Claire, and Chelsea find themselves in a love triangle, Grant makes it quite apparent that he will always adore Claire.

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You may recognize Sulkin from his part as Mason in Wizards of Waverly Place, which he played as a child actor when he initially began his career in the entertainment industry. He just finished playing the role of Chase Stein in the Marvel series Runaways.

Cinthya Carmona – Solana

Solana, one of Claire’s housemates, used to be a lawyer but now practices alternative medicine. She is unable to choose which version of herself is best for her, thus she finds herself switching between her old self and her new self on a regular basis.

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Michael Hsu Rosen – Jayden

Rosen portrays Jayden, one of Claire’s other roommates in the show. He is influential on various social media platforms.

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