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NVIDIA is a stage that adds to giving great visual innovation and the creator of the GPU. In spite of the fact that it is a world leader in this field, it additionally has a couple of disadvantages, and numerous clients complain that the control panel is having an issue identified with show properties.

Various NVIDIA Graphics Card clients have announced the NVIDIA Control Panel not showing an issue. This control panel that allows clients to control features of the NVIDIA Graphics Card introduced on the clients PC disappears from the Desktop Context menu, Start menu, or from the Desktop unexpectedly.

In the event that your NVIDIA Control Panel is absent also, don’t freeze. Give the following procedures to fix the missing NVIDIA Control Panel in Windows 10 an attempt, and you will be good to go.

Various Steps to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

The below suggestions combine essential investigating just as some high-level methods. Try not to avoid the high-level ones if the simpler ones don’t assist with getting back your missing NVIDIA Control Panel.

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Method – 1: Restart NVIDIA Services

It might happen that the NVIDIA Control Panel disappeared from the Desktop setting menu just as the System Tray. Another fundamental way for you to try is to restart the NVIDIA explicit administrations. Allow us to perceive how to restart these services on your PC:

Step 1: Press Window + R key together or open run box from start and type services.msc within the run box and click on Enter.

nvidia display settings are not available

Step 2: This will begin the Services window. Here, you will track down every one of the running administrations on your PC. In the summary of services, search for services whose name start with NVIDIA. Select each NVIDIA services and click on the Restart button accessible on the left half of the window.

nvidia display settings are not available

On the off chance that the services aren’t running, right-snap and click on Start.

In the event that it gives an Error 14109 with a message saying windows can’t begin Nvidia Display Container Service, follow the steps under.

Step 1: Firstly, right-click on the start button and select Device Manager.

Step 2: Click on Display Editor.

Step 3: Now Right-click on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and uninstall the NVIDIA driver.

Step 4: Now the final step is to reboot your computer.

Check whether this strategy brought back the missing NVIDIA Control Panel. On the off chance that it didn’t, restart your PC and check once more. In the case, nothing occurs, attempt the next technique.

Method 2: Launch NVIDIA Control Panel Manually

Till the time you can’t track down a constant fix, you could likewise attempt to manually start the NVIDIA Control Panel on your PC to fix the issue. Here are the steps to follow to manually start and make work area easy route of the NVIDIA Control Panel:
Step 1: To start the process you need to navigate to the following location:

My Computer < C Drive < Program Files < NVIDIA Corporation

nvidia display settings are not available

In the event that you can’t discover the NVIDIA Corporations folder in there, appear to be identical in the Program Files (x86) folder. When you are in the NVIDIA Corporation folder, open the Control Panel Client. In this folder search for nvcplui file.

Step 2: Now click on nvcplui file and select the Run as Administrator option.

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Method 3: Reinstall the NVIDIA Control Panel App from Microsoft Store

Step 1: Click on the Start Button and afterward gear-moulded symbol to open settings.

nvidia display settings are not available

Step 2: Select Apps

nvidia display settings are not available

Step 3: Now go to Apps and Features from the menu.

Step 4: Go to search box and search for NVIDIA Control Panel.

nvidia display settings are not available

If you find out NVIDIA Control Panel in your computer. Uninstall it.

Step 5: Now go to official website of Microsoft and download Nvidia Control Panel.

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Method 4: Lasting Solution to NVIDIA Control Panel Missing by NVIDIA Support

Despite the fact that different strategies were equipped for fixing the missing NVIDIA Control Panel, a few clients detailed they were getting this blunder over and over. Along these lines, NVIDIA support gave a lasting answer to this issue. Follow these basic steps to check this strategy out:

Step 1: Go to My Computer and navigate to C-Drive and select Program Files(x86) folder, go to Nvidia Corporation and Click on Display.NvContainer.

Step 2: Inside the Display.NvContainer folder, you will discover a file named Display.NvContainer. Right-click on it and select the Copy choice.

Step 3: Open Startup Folder. To achieve this, Press Windows + R keys together and open the Run box. In the Run box, type shell:startup and click on Enter button.

Easy Steps to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing

Step 4: In this Startup folder, Right click anywhere in the folder and click on paste to paste the copies file.

Easy Steps to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing

Step 5: Now, Right-click onto the Display.NvContainer document you pasted in the Startup folder, and choose the Properties option.

Step 6: In the Properties tab, move to the Compatibility tab. There, you will see a Run this program as executive checkmark choice; select it. At that point click Ok to apply the changes.

Easy Steps to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing

In the wake of finishing these steps, restart your PC to track down the missing NVIDIA Control Panel back on your work area setting menu and system tray.

Though method #4 is a definitive answer for fix NVIDIA Control Panel missing in Windows 10, you ought to consistently start with the strategies referenced at the highest point of the article. If you still facing this problem do mention it in the comment section. If you like this article do share it with your friends and mates.

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