Here’s Why Season 2 of ‘the Lincoln Lawyer’ Should Be Unavoidable!


If you’ve recently finished watching The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, which makes for an excellent binge-watching session on the weekend, you may be curious about whether or not its unresolved storylines will be continued in season 2. It is by no means a certain, especially considering the fact that we are discussing Netflix, which is notorious for canceling shows.

In spite of this, it appears that a second season of The Lincoln Lawyer will be renewed sooner rather than later based on the evidence that has accumulated. Why?

1) Outstanding Performance: The Lincoln Lawyer debuted almost immediately at #1 in the United States, and while we don’t know how long it will remain there, it unseated Ozark and seems like it may be planted there for at least a week. While we don’t know how long it will remain there, it did unseat Ozark and we don’t know how long it will remain there. When Netflix discloses the “hours viewed” for the first week of its release, I anticipate that number to be high.

the Lincoln Lawyer

2) Appeal on a Global Scale – Its success is not limited to the United States alone. Netflix’s strongest growth markets are in nations outside of its home region of the United States, so seeing The Lincoln Lawyer reach number one in more than fifty regions around the world is something the streaming service urgently wants to see happen. It’s possible that the increased success of this rendition had something to do with the decision to make Mickey Haller a Mexican-American in this adaptation.

3) Reasonably Low Production Costs — This is a courtroom drama. It takes place in a few different places, but it does not contain any amazing computer effects or insane action sequences. This should result in a lower cost overall compared to a significant number of other series. In addition to this, although the cast members have a lot of talent, they are not exactly A-list superstars.

Neve Campbell is probably the most well-known face associated with the series. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who plays the lead role, is a wonderful actor, but he is not Matthew McConaughey, who played the lead role in the original movie and would undoubtedly require a very large salary to appear in the sequel. However, I will suggest that every employee who stays on should receive a pay increase.

4) Primary Sources – The author Michael Connelly has written a total of six volumes in the Lincoln Lawyer series. When you consider that the original movie adapted the first, it makes sense that this show would adopt the second. This indicates that there are a significant number of prospective scripts that are already nearly written and are merely waiting to be adopted. Because they are best-selling books, the stories they include are already very decent. As a result, there is less of a chance that upcoming seasons will be utterly terrible because the framework has already been established.

the Lincoln Lawyer

When you put these four elements together, I believe you have a formula for a show that could continue for at least two seasons, if not for a longer-term project that adapts the entire series of books. Fans of most Netflix shows have a right to be concerned about the future of their favorite programs, but if you are a fan of The Lincoln Lawyer, you should feel confident that Netflix will most likely choose to continue the story for at least another year, if not for a longer period of time than that. Maintain your vigilance for an upcoming announcement.

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